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Surveys and Analytics

NISIR is one of the leading companies in survey and data processing in Ethiopia. We are equipped with state-of-the-art data collection and processing tools.

Program and Project Evaluation

If you are looking for impressive and dependable monitoring and evaluation or impact evaluation services, NISIR consult is the right place for you.

Social, Economic and Environmental Assessment

NISIR delivers full life-cycle social, economic and environmental studies, from design, through to data collection, analysis and reporting.

Our Clients

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Meet Our Team

The research and training teams of NISIR are composed of highly qualified, experienced and competent specialists in various disciplines.

Nebiyu Habesha


Fitsum Asfaw


Tihtina Hailu


Getachew tesfaye


Excellence and trustworthy service

The service we deliver is founded up on every client’s institutional context, delivery standard and project sector dynamics. Serving as a trustworthy service provider enables us to build positive business reputation and stand out us a leading research partner for many of our clients. We strive to ensure we Enable high quality PhD researches, support our community in need and protect the natural environment.

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Quality is the best business plan.

John Lasseter.

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